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Welcome to the 2024 Mini Club Season!

We are excited to get started with the mini club season this year and happy to have both returning athletes and some new athletes joining our Hunter's Volleyball family. Please take the time to read through everything that you will find posted on this page. In order to commit, you must complete the last steps of reading the handbook and electronically signing the Statement of Commitment. Please scroll down to find important information regarding the season. Please note, that if you are committing to the season, your signature on the Statement of Commitment will act as our notification. If you are NOT committing to the season, we do ask that you email us to let us know. 

Season Fee Includes:

  • 4 Tournaments

  • 2 Practices Weekly

  • 1 Practice Shirt

  • 1 Tournament Jersey

  • Facility Rental & Insurance

  • Coach Salary

  • Administrative Fees

* Do not includes: AAU Membership

Cost: $575 per player

Payment 1: $200 due the date of your team uniform fitting.

Payment 2: $200 due September 2nd

Payment 3: $175 due October 7th


​​After viewing the information above, if you would like to commit to the team and 2024 Mini Club Season, there are a few steps to complete in order to secure your spot on the team and commit to the season. 

Step One: Read the Parent/Athlete Handbook in its entirety. To view the handbook: Click Here


Step Two: Once you have completed reading the handbook and you have decided that you are comfortable committing to the season, you will need to electronically sign the Statement of Commitment. To sign the Statement of Commitment: Click Here. Your signed Statement of Commitment will serve as your acknowledgment that you have read through the entire handbook and are agreeing to abide by the rules and policies found within. If you have any questions about what is found in the handbook, please reach out to us. Please note that if you choose to sign the Statement of Commitment without reading it in its entirety, this will not excuse any consequences for violations of the policies found within. We will have a mandatory parent/athlete/coach meeting at the beginning of the season. The date and time for the meeting will be announced later. 

Step Three: If you are committing to the season your signature on the Statement of Commitment will act as your notification to Hunter's Volleyball. *If you have decided to not commit to the season, please email us at to let us know. 


4140 Town Center Blvd. Orlando, FL 32837

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