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Mini Club

Is a short volleyball season that takes place between the months of August and October. This is an excellent program that gives beginning players the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the sport of Volleyball. Within this program the players begin to relate themselves with the rules, regulations, and the different positions of the game while allowing the players to practice and develop the necessary skills to master the sport. The Mini Club also provides players with the necessary information and understanding on how to play the sport of volleyball in an organized manner. The Mini Club also provides intermediate and advanced level players an advantage in the sport by allowing them to play competitively.


Club Season

Club Season marks the official beginning of the volleyball season for our youth programs in the United States. This club consists of volleyball teams of all levels of play; from beginners to elite teams. This season takes place from November to May for beginning teams, then from November to June for intermediate and elite teams. As the season comes to an end the players of the intermediate and elite teams end the season by participating in the National Tournaments of the AAU or USAV organizations; these are organizations that govern and regulate the tournaments in which they participate during the season.

Travel Teams

Teams classified as Travel Teams have the opportunity to travel within the state of Florida and other states in which the AAU and USAV hold their tournaments. These teams compete against the best of the best of teams across the states. The players that make it this far will be given the opportunity to represent our academy while competing at the highest levels of the sport, also giving each player the opportunity to show and expose their talent in front of recruiters from different universities.

Private and Group Lesson

During these individualized classes, the players are given the opportunity to work on any specific skill in which they may need to develop. Private lessons can be 1 on 1 lessons or in group lessons may consist of 2 to 4 players,  in which a Certified Coach will implement his or her teaching strategies for any specific skill that needs to be developed or improved.

Beginner Clinics Program

Beginners clinics focuses on fundamental training and concentrates on individual skills. During this clinic we take the time to teach every athlete the fundamentals of serving, passing and hitting and spiking the ball. This is a great opportunity to develop or increase your volleyball skills. This program is available throughout the entire volleyball season and requires the players to attend twice a week for 1 hour each day.

Summer Grass Clinic

In the Summer Grass Clinics, players are encouraged to learn, practice and enjoy a different form of volleyball that is perfect for the summer season. During these clinics, players have the opportunity to practice and improve their playing skills while enjoying the game in a completely different way outdoors. These clinics are a prelude to our annual grass volleyball tournament.

Grass Tournament

The 4 vs 4 Hunter's Jam Summer Tournament is an opportunity to compete in a totally different and fun way in

an outdoor environment, perfect for the summer season. In this tournament each team is made up of 4 players who play according to their division or age. This tournament also marks the end of summer activities and the beginning of the new volleyball season.

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