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Coach Yastka Simonetti

I started playing at the age of 6. I got a scholarship when I was 10 years old in a private school from elementary until I graduated from high school. In 2001 I was signed to play professional volleyball with the Pinkin of Corozal but I only participated one year. I also received a collage scholarship to play softball but at the same time I participated in the volleyball team, obtaining the championship for 4 consecutive years in both sports. Once I graduated from university 2006, I did not continue playing volleyball since I decided to stay practicing softball whose sport represents my country at an international level because I belonged in the PR softball national team. The experience was unforgettable, I met other countries and learned other cultures. It was not until 2010 that I had an injury and coaching staff had to remove me from the roster in the Central American games, from there I decided that I would no longer do sports and I would dedicate myself to teaching full time but in volleyball.

My advise: "Practice makes perfect but you have to be very careful with overtraining, keep a balance. Do not limit yourself to learn a single position, be versatile and learn all the skills. The coach is the one who prepared to teach you ... so respect him and listen to him, those are the virtues that will help you as a player achieve great things. Winning is everyone's goal but it is not always achieved, so focus on your weaknesses to practice and improve them but always playing as a team".

- Coach Yastka 




  • Bachelor's in PE Teacher - Univeristy of Puerto Rico

  • Master's in System of Information and Library Science - Turabo University, PR





  • Lomanview Volleyball Club

  • Carolina Stars Volleyball Club

  • Hunter's Volleyball Academy

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